1. What kind of services do you offer?

We currently offer paid 1-on-1 sessions of voice lessons, and Brazilian diction; and free access to our blog articles.

2. Where do the 1-on-1 sessions take place?

All sessions are held online. You will receive a link to a Zoom meeting once you've scheduled your session. The meeting will begin on time. Please be ready! :)

3. Who are the teachers/ instructors?

Currently, our founder Isabella Luchi is the only teacher at SattVoice. She holds a Master in Music - Vocal Performance and has completed teacher training in Conscious Yoga in Brazil. She specializes in classical voice/ opera, and Brazilian Bossa Nova, but has taught singers in other styles such as musical theater, pop and jazz, including repertoire in various languages -- Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English.

4. Who can sign up for voice lessons? 

You are welcome to sign up for lessons regardless of your singing experience -- I teach beginner to advanced singers, with the minimum age of 15. If you are younger than 15, I don't mean that you can't sing. I mean that you can and should do it without too many rules! I strongly recommend that kids and early teens take instrument lessons, sing in choirs, learn the basics in music theory, dance, and acting before they come running to voice lessons: these activities will set the grounds of musicianship and allow them to develop their personality when performing. Of course, that's just my opinion on the subject. Hot tip: piano or guitar skills will help later in a singer's life!

5. How do I book a lesson?

You can book drop-in lessons at the Book Sessions page. Select which lesson you want, then select the time slot, login and pay.

6. What is the cancellation police?

You may cancel and/ or reschedule your appointment 24h prior to your lesson time. If you cancel on a shorter notice, rescheduling won't be guaranteed and refunds won't be available. Refunds are subject to deduction of processing fees.

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Contact & Collab

If you have further questions, suggestions or would like to be a collab writer in our blog, please contact Isabella at sattvoice@gmail.com .

We'd love to hear from you!