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"Besides being a very talented soprano, Isabella displays a great pedagogy when connecting yoga and singing.
I recommend her lessons!"

Dayane B.


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Will Power

How do you feel when you look at these words?

To me, they are key components in the development of a performing artist.

- Singers should have autonomy in developing their technique. 

- We should honor our professors and preserve the essence of what they taught, but we should have the freedom to change the method.

- The strength of our will is cultivated by patience, persistence and balance in our lives. 

- We are not robots -- mechanical repetition alone doesn't serve us. We need body-mind awareness to develop our singing skills.

- Vocal technique isn't something we have. It's something we nurture. The moment you think you have it, you start to lose it.

If you are looking for a voice teacher and identify with my quotes, I'd like to invite you to join my studio!


"I already feel my relationship with my technique changing. I feel I know my body better and this helps me to be more present in everything I do."

Mariana R.

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