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"Where does this name come from" you ask? In the vedic tradition it's believed that everything and every being in nature has three gunas (qualities/ properties): sattva, rajas and tamasTamas represents the darkness, inercia and resistence. Rajas stands for the qualities of movement, motivation and distraction. Finally, sattva means lightness, virtue and balance.


SattVoice comes from the fusion of Sattva and Voice. We want to inspire you to find balance (sattva) between the three gunas in your life and vocal practice, by sharing with you the knowledge and stories of many singers around the world.

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The Founder

Isabella Luchi is a Brazilian singer, currently living in the US. She holds a Master in Music - Vocal Performance from Azusa Pacific University, and is currently a Professional Studies Diploma Candidate at the Cleveland Institute of Music, studio of Dr. Mary Schiller. Isa has performed in major cities in the US, Brazil, Austria and Mexico. She has been practicing yoga and studying with Iyengar Yoga Certified Teachers since 2015. She has a teaching certification in Conscious Yoga (Brazil, 2016) and has been teaching Yoga & Singing lessons since 2020 for singers based in Brazil, U.S., Italy and Spain.

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If you have doubts/ suggestions or would like to be a collab writer in our blog, please contact Isabella at  We'd love to hear from you!